The Seattle Chess Club

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to the Educational and Cultural Benefits of Chess

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thoughts on “Tournament

  1. My son would like to participate in this event, but, I see the registrations are closed. Is there a way to for him to sign up. Thanks.

  2. Do you have any clubs in the 1st hill-cap. hill area. Want to brush up on my game & learn some strategies. Thanks

  3. Dear friends, I am currently visiting Seattle and would be interested in playing some casual blitz or rapid chess games. Is there any activity of this kind this week? If yes, is the information on the location and time (Wednesday, 19h-21h) accurate?
    Many thanks for the consideration.

    • The information on the Wednesday casual chess is up-to-date and currently active. You’re welcome to come. We’re on the basement floor, down the elevators and to the left. If the front door is locked call 206-417-5405 and someone will let you in.