Club News – 5/12/2022

May Flowers, round 2 (5/13) signup list as of today: Dylan B., Evan C., Francisco D., Alex F.,
Jameson G., Coleman H., William H., Sam H., Boas L., Nicholas L., Henry L., Erin M., John S.,
Matthew v.E., Emerson W-G., Dan Y. 6 seats remaining. Sign up by emailing [email protected].

May Quads winners: Congrats to the following, who won their quad in last Saturday’s
tournament: Q1 – Ryan M. (2.5/3); Q2 – Michelle Z. (2.5/3); Q3 – Dilan O. (2.5/3); and Q4 –
William H. (3.0/3). They each won free entry to the next quad they play.

Welcome to new club members William H., Sam H., Dilan O., Adarsh S. and Balbir S.! Thanks for
supporting the club.

Renewal: Karen S., long-time member and erstwhile writer for Northwest Chess, renewed her
membership recently. Thanks for your continued support of the club!

SCC T-shirts and sweatshirts: We’re collecting orders for t-shirts ($15) and sweatshirts ($20)
with the SCC logo. Various colors available. If interested in purchasing, please email me by May
23 and I’ll send you an order form. Email [email protected].

Monday night at the club – Taken by John Selsky 4/25/2022