Welcome to the Seattle Chess Club

Send an email to administrator@seattlechess.club to request to join our mailing list or join our discord server.

For membership dues and donations via PayPal see our Membership and Donations Page.

Currently scheduled in-person events at our temporary location 7212 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Seattle (Green Lake premises) :

  • Our Policy for All In-Person Events is that masks are required (even if vaccinated) and we will require everyone eligible for the vaccine to be vaccinated, but will allow children under 12 to participate unvaccinated. We will closely monitor the situation and update our policy as needed.
  • Casual Chess Mondays: Must sign up via email as we have limited capacity! (administrator@seattlechess.club) Play with whoever is there. Chat during and between games. Come and go as you like. Hours: 7:00-10:30pm. No fee, vaccination and masks required.
  • Rated Tournament Game Fridays: Must sign up via email as we have limited capacity! (administrator@seattlechess.club) Start time: 8:00pm sharp; please arrive by 7:45pm and check in with the TD to be paired. Time control: 40 moves in 90 minutes, with an additional 60 minutes every 30 moves. Opponents assigned by tournament director; sets, clocks and score sheets provided by the club.
  • SCC Novice (December 4th): Open to USCF rated <1200 or unrated. Swiss pairings @ 10am, 12:45pm, 3:30pm, 6pm. Time control: Game75 mins., 5sec. delay. Entry fee: $13 for paid-up SCC members, $15 for others; $18-20 at site. Prizes: SCC memberships. Byes available.
  • Sunday Holiday Tornado (December 5th): Four rated tournament games at 11:30am, 1:50pm, 4:10pm, 6:30pm. Time control: Game 50, 10sec. delay. Fee: $18 (paid-up SCC members) or $25 (non-SCC members). Prizes: $10/entry goes to prize fund. 1st prize=35%; 2nd=27%; bottom half 1st=22%; 2nd=16%. Byes: 1 for round 3 or 4 – commit at registration Register in person on Mon. or Fri. evening or by mail (2420 S. 137th St., Seattle, WA 98168)  Online registration coming soon, in the meantime send an email to administrator@seattlechess.club. On-the-day registration is possible, but we cannot guarantee entry due to 20-person space limitation.
  • December Quads (December 11th): 3-round round-robin @ 10am, 2pm, 6pm. 4-player sections by rating. Time control: Game120 + 5sec. delay. Prizes: free entry to next Quad played. Entry fee: $9 SCC members, $16 others. Send an email to administrator@seattlechess.club to sign up
  •  Seattle City Championship (January 15th-16th): 5-round Swiss @ Sat. 10am, 2:45, 7:30pm; Sun. 11am, 4pm. Time control: G/100 + 30sec increment. $585 prize fund based on 22 paid entries. Entry fee: $33 SCC members, $44 others by 1/10; $44 SCC members, $56 others after 1/10. Send an email to administrator@seattlechess.club to sign up

Currently scheduled in-person events on lichess.org:

  • Tuesdays 7-11pm: Classical arena, Time control: 30+30 or 30+20.
  • Wednesdays 7-11pm (no change): Rapid arena, TC 10+10.
  • Thursdays 7-9pm: Blitz arena, TC 5+3. 9-11pm: Blitz arena, TC 3+0.
  • To participate see our team page here: https://lichess.org/team/the-seattle-chess-club